Masterclass 1. Risk assessment strategy (Based on NEN 689) (English)

Masterclass   February 22 2024

A structured assessment method is necessary to get a grip on the health risks of hazardous substances in your company. The strategy that was recently developed in Europe and laid down in the European standard EN 689: 2018 is an excellent starting point for this, also for companies outside Europe. This masterclass provides a concise and practical overview of this assessment method, examines possible issues during implementation and shares practical experiences.


This masterclass is the first of the Chemrade Masterclasses Chemical Risk Assessment. These masterclasses have been developed for Chemrade customers, partners and close relations who want to deepen and update their knowledge of Chemical Risk Assessment. There are 11 online masterclasses of approximately 1 hour that will be given in the coming year. The masterclasses cover the following topics:


  1. Risk assessment strategy
  2. Characterization of Chemical Exposure Determinants
  3. Occupational exposure limits
  4. Exposure modelling (4a. ECETOC-Tra, 4b. Stoffenmanager exposure model, 4c. Advanced REACH Tool)
  5. Exposure measurements (5a. Chemicals in the work atmosphere, 5b. Biological monitoring, 5c. Health surveillance)
  6. Compliance testing
  7. STOP principle & control measures
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Each masterclass provides a brief overview of state-of-the-art knowledge, issues, useful tools / solutions and examples from practice.


Chemrade customers, partners and close relations are cordially invited to register for these Chemrade Masterclasses. There are no costs associated with this. Each masterclass can also be taken separately. Participants receive a certificate of participation. The masterclasses are given in both Dutch and English. Dr. Joost van Rooij, Chief Science Officer (PhD, registered toxicologist and senior occupational hygienist) guarantees the content of the masterclasses. 


Date and registration

The masterclass will take place on Thursday 22 February from 15:00 to 16:00 CET. You will receive a link and access code in advance, which you can use to follow this online masterclass.

Note that this masterclass will also be organized in Dutch! Register here.