Dealing with high-risk situations

News   01-12-2022

Now that companies have used Chemrade to set up a substances database, and are able to perform the accompanying automatic risk assessments, something must be done with the results. Risky situations that cannot be properly managed must be addressed, so that employees can work in safe conditions. This will also make it possible to comply with health and safety-related laws and regulations.


We can offer tailor-made consultancy to companies that require assistance in this regard. Our expert consultants will spend 2.5 days working closely with the client to identify potential challenges. The findings will then be used to compile a tailor-made Plan of Action for the company. This Plan of Action will define effective measures that help to once again realize acceptable norms in high-exposure situations. In addition, the Plan can be used together with Chemrade to avoid new high-risk situations. Management can also use the Plan to highlight the need for further steps within their company.


Do you have questions about how to deal with high-risk situations in your company? Or would you like to know more about compiling a Plan of Action? Please feel free to contact us.

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