New regulation diisocyanates

News   04-19-2023

From August 24, 2023, new rules will apply regarding working with diisocyanates. Diisocyanates are substances that are used, among other things, in adhesives and coatings and for making PUR. Excessive inhalation of diisocyanates can cause severe allergies such as asthma. Once allergic, you will suffer with any exposure, even small amounts. To prevent health complications from working with diisocyanates, a restriction has been drawn up in the European chemicals legislation REACH. Specifically, the new rules include the following:


  • Products containing diisocyanates may only be used if the weight percentage of all diisocyanates in the product together is less than 0.1%.
  • Products containing more than 0.1% diisocyanates may only be used if users have followed (and successfully completed) training on the safe use of diisocyanates.
  • The training must be given by someone with sufficient knowledge in occupational hygiene and preferably also working with diisocyanates.
  • Depending on the application of the diisocyanate-containing product, the training should cover a number of topics, including the basic characteristics of diisocyanates, the risks when working with diisocyanates, and how to work safely with diisocyanates.
  • The training must be repeated every five years and the user must be able to demonstrate that he/she has successfully completed this training.


Unfortunately, diisocyanates do not share a hazard classification (H-phrase) or labeling and are therefore difficult to recognize. However, a clear overview of different diisocyanates might help to identify diisocyanates in your company.


The new rules regarding diisocyanates apply to anyone who works professionally with diisocyanates, including self-employed persons. Are you eligible with the new scheme? You can contact our partner Kader for training. They are certified by the ISOPA / ALIPA. For more information and to register, visit this website.